Legal Protection of Anti-Corruption Whistleblowers in Ukraine

This is an article by leading Ukranian academic Olena Shostko about the importance of protecting anti-corruption whistleblowers in Ukraine as an important tool to boost people’s reporting on corruption crimes. The official data demonstrate that law enforcement agencies in 2016 detected 1,974 individuals who have committed criminal corruption offences. 2130 cases were sent to course with indictments, 492 persons were convicted. Most people are still afraid to make wrongdoing known at their workplaces or educational institutions because of fear of losing their jobs or destroying their careers. This paper provides analysis of the viewpoint of the Council of Europe and the European Union on these issues, and examines whistleblower-protecting provisions of domestic laws and the new draft bill “On Whistleblower Protection and Disclosure of Information about Harm or threat to the Public Interest.”

(Ukrainian language version only)

Legal Protection of Anti-Corruption Whistleblowers

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